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What will we need to start?

Before we can start working on your issue, there's a number of things You'll need to consider, decide on and provide us with:

  • What is the primary IP of the website or server?
  • You need to provide ssh access or other access details to you websites/servers
  • Do you have a control panel installed?
  • How many pages or domains are having issues?
  • Any special functions? Sell products? User sign up?
  • Will you be able to provide root access?
  • Do you want us to continue monitor even after the issue is fixed?
  • We will need your DC info/ reboot info / KVM access if necessary
  • Also details on any services running on the server.

If you're a bit unsure of any of the above points, talk to us on or and we'll do my best to explain them to you!

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